PR No.257 Pak-China Relationship Based On Mutual Trust, Understanding And Common Aspirations For Peace And Progress: Pervaiz Rashid Islamabad

Pak-China Relationships is based on mutual trust, understanding and common aspirations for peace and progress. Senator Pervaiz Rashid, Federal Minister for IB&NH said this during his meeting with the Chinese Media Delegation today in Islamabad. He said that bilateral relationship between the two countries enjoys the support of the people of the both countries.

Senator Pervaiz Rashid said that unique friendship between the two counties has now transformed into a strong strategic partnership, robust economic cooperation and ever increasing people-to-people contacts. The new dimension of Pak-China friendship under CPCE, is indeed a great achievement as both countries has launched a plan for energy and infrastructure projects in Pakistan worth $46 billion, linking their economies and peoples in Asia and beyond, the Minister added.

Information Minister emphasized the need to further strengthen bilateral ties in areas mutually beneficial to each other, particularly in the field of culture, Information and Communication. He said that Information and culture is key to promote people-to-people contacts as culture can transform people’s lives. Pervaiz Rashid also stressed the need for evolving a mechanism for the exchange of dramas, news, films and documentaries so that the people of both countries could better understand each other’s culture and values. He further added that visit of Media Delegations are significant as they are helpful in portraying the true picture of a country, its potential and create better understanding of issues.

The Chinese Media Delegation expressed their resolve to play a pivotal role in further strengthening an already established bond between the two counties. The delegation assured the Minister that they will take upon themselves the task to portray the real image of Pakistan and remove misperceptions about it as they have themselves seen the country on first hand basis and consider it as the perfect tourist destination for the Chinese people. The media delegation also commended the efforts of Pakistan being a front line state in combating terrorism and extremism.

Saba Mohsin Raza, Secretary IB&NH and Shafqat Jalil, Director General, External Publicity Wing were also present in the meeting.