PR No.245 Islamabad

Federal Minister Planning, Development & Reform Ahsan Iqbaltoday said that branding the country is need of the hour after economic recovery and improved law & order. We need to change the perception that Pakistan is not a safe haven for extremists but a safe place for investment. Now the time is ripe because positive about Pakistan abroad is much more than the past. We need to capitalize this positivity about the country as well as to work to change the psychology domestically by shunning the negative thinking.

Ahsan Iqbal made these remarks while talking to brand managers of corporate sector to discuss the brand Pakistan campaign. Minister talked at length about the need of brand Pakistan campaign and felt that the campaign should focus on passion of our people, which is admired and recognized throughout the world. He called up the top Brand managers of the country to work in synergy with government to promote brand Pakistan. Time has come to think positive and say positive about Pakistan. Without the power of positive approach no country can grow.

He urged that we should work to lead the country towards a direction where world would not see it through security lens but a country attracting investment. He counted the factors like emerging investment destination with diversified cultural aspects that he believed would help to create a positive image abroad.

Ahsan Iqbal stated, “Pakistan Diaspora can contribute enormously in branding the country internationally. They can reach to masses in different country to communicate the positive aspects fo the country. Youth of the country is another human resource is of paramount importance in branding the country. We need to give them a positive orientation about the country.

Minister Planning & Development said that improved image of the country would benefit Pakistan in terms of attracting foreign investment and the biggest beneficiary would be corporate sector to thrive on increased foreign investment.

Minister directed that efforts should be made for soft launching of brand Pakistan by January 01, 2016. We should develop a theme for every month to turn the attention of world to our different aspects of national life.