PR No.243 PM&DC Decision About Registration Of Cuban Graduates Islamabad

The Management Committee of PM&DC has decided to issue full registration to Cuban graduates for one year subject to provision of an Affidavit.

This decision was taken in a meeting of management committee of PMDC held here on Tuesday. During the meeting the pending issue of full registration of over 900 Cuban Medical graduates regarding exemption of House Job in Pakistan was considered. The issue was discussed in details wherein Chairman and Executive Director of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan also pleaded for full registration of Cuban graduates.

The Committee after looking into complete record of the case, personally hearing to the Cuban graduates and reviewing the regulatory implications, decided for conditional registration.

According to which these graduates will have to submit an affidavit. These Cuban graduates will have to accept one year registration with PM&DC. Renewal of PM&DC registration will be subjected to the condition that he will not do independent private practice during this one year and that he will submit a certificate of competence by a specialist doctor registered with PM&DC under whom I have worked during this one year.

According to the decisions of the meeting after receipt of competence report of one year by applicants/ specialists as per affidavit, PM&DC will issue full registration to Cuban graduates for five years.

Meanwhile, Cuban graduates welcomed this decision which was also supported by Higher Education Commission. Later on, protesting graduates dispersed peacefully.