PR No. 147 “R&D Needs To The Actively Pursued In Civil And Defense Organizations For A Prosperous Pakistan.”Fazal Abbas Maken Islamabad: December 15, 2015

Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken, Secretary, Ministry of Science & Technology chaired an important meeting today, held in Ministry of Science and Technology, in order to explore further possibilities for developing Research & Development in Pakistan.

While talking to the participants of the meeting Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken, said, “we need an active approach in order to promote R&D approach in all institutions of Pakistan. This will prove to be a major boost in national progress.”

“We shall encourage a joint civil-defense collaboration in this regard,” He added. He also encouraged the enhanced participation of private sector in this regard.

The Chairman of PCSIR and NIE, Deans from NUST & CIIT and member of Engineering Development Board participated in this meeting.