PR No. 145Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi Welcomes Pak-Suzuki Motor Plans To Introduce New Models In Pakistan Islamabad: December 15, 2015

Federal Minister for Industries and Production Ghulam Murtaza Khan Jatoi has welcomed Pak-Suzuki Motor Company’s plans to introduce new models in Pakistan and said that Pakistan need, fuel efficient, eco friendly and cheaper car to cater the dements of the masses. He said this while talking to Mr. Kinji Saito, Global Head of Suzuki Motor Company, who called on the Minister in Islamabad on Tuesday.

Mr. Kinji Saito briefed the Minister on the Suzuki Motor Company’s future plans in Pakistan and said that Suzuki Motor Company is planning to introduced 660 CC small cars in Pakistan with better safety feature and fuel efficiency. He further said that Suzuki Motor Company also planning to start a new plant for spare part manufacturing in Pakistan with an estimated investment of over US $ 350 million. This will create an employment opportunity for eight to ten thousand (8000 – 10000) skilled and unskilled workers in Pakistan.

The Minister said that the Pak Suzuki Company’s share is Pakistan’s Auto Industry is significant; he however emphasized that Suzuki Company should bring its prices in Pakistan down to the level of the prices in other countries of the region, especially to those in India. Pakistan is a big market for auto industry, therefore special feature like safety measures, fuel economy, environment friendly and affordable prices range are the particular needs of our country, the minister continued.

Ghulam Murtaza Khan Jatoi proposed that Suzuki Motor Company may set cap an Export Hub in Pakistan.  We are human resource rich state while Japan owns latest technology. We can benefit from each other’s strengths, the Minister added. The Minister assured the Suzuki’s Global Head that in the upcoming Auto Development Policy the protection will be ensured to the companies already operating in Pakistan along with the new entrant to auto sector.