PR No. 102Two Day National Conference On Human Rights_11 December 2015) Islamabad: December 10, 2015

The Ministry of Human Rights has organized a Two-Day National Conference on Human Rights on 10-11 December 2015 with the  collaboration with The Asia Foundation. The National Conference is organized to commemorate the  International Human Rights Day. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Barrister Zafarullah Khan inaugurated the Conference as chief Guest.

The Chief Guest Barrister Zafarullah Khan in his inaugural speech said that after the 18th amendment we have been limited number of ministries were retained, however, the government has formed  Ministry for Human Rights aiming at addressing the issues of human rights in the country. He said that the society is changing with time and now woman has more opportunities than before in  social, economic and political spheres of life.

Barrister Zafarullah Khan expressed his resolve to institute  a new setup in the Ministry of Human Rights in order to eliminate the redtapism and bureaucratic norms in the Ministry. “Our objective is to induct good natured and experts in their field to make the Ministry more people friendly and productive in service delivery.” He added.

Barrister Zafarullah further  said Human Rights policy will be formulated with the well defined parameters to safeguard the rights for women , old age and children in the country.

He reiterated the commitment of the Ministry for the establishment of the National Commission for Children Rights. He also said that alienation between the Government and the Civil Society must  be bridged by  working closely with all the stakeholders

. Mr. Zafarullah welcomed all the agencies who are coming up with the support for the government in connection with the promotion of Human rights in the country.

After the inaugural session , the Chief guest along with other distinguished participants have put their signatures on the theme board signifying the commitment to work jointly  for the improvement of Human Rights situation in Pakistan.

Participants from all four provinces from the background of human rights, law enforcement agencies, legal experts, Government line departments, and experts from civil society organizations have participated in the conference.

Moreover, the discussions, and debates in  National Conference on Human Rights will be revolved around four thematic areas, which includes Development as a Linchpin for Human Rights, Interfaith Harmony for Peace, Diversity Equality and Tolerance, Protection of Human Rights by Strengthening Institutional and Legal Framework. Distinguished experts in  human rights will share their expertise and experience  in the two days conference.