PR No. 83Message From Mr. Mamnoon Hussain President Of The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan (On The Occasion Of International Human Rights Day On 10th December, 2015) Islamabad: December 9, 2015

It gives me immense pleasure to note that today we are celebrating the International Human Rights Day with a renewed determination to promote and protect Human Rights at all levels. Human Rights enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, are rooted in the basic principles of Islam. The present Government is committed to the promotion and implementation of all these provisions incorporated in the Constitution of Pakistan and international instruments.

The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees freedom to its people irrespective of their colour, caste and creed. Pakistan stands committed to broaden its horizon for the protection, promotion and practice of Human Rights for empowerment of its people. The Government is aware of the need for greater protection of the vulnerable and marginalized segments of society. Despite the challenges faced by the State, we are committed to adopt all legal, economic and social frameworks to deter Human Rights violations.

Democracy, Peace, Freedom and Human Rights are interlinked. On this occasion we reiterate our commitment to the democratic process and freedom that have been achieved at a great cost. We also reiterate our pledge to fight militancy and restore peace. We will continue working towards ensuring equality and non-discrimination for creating a peaceful and just society.

Today, I call upon the relevant Departments and Organizations as well as each and every individual to come forward and play their role for the protection and promotion of Human Rights in the country. I commend the United Nations for observing this Day globally and also pay homage to all those organizations and individuals who are devoted to the cause of Human Rights.

Pakistan Paindabad.