PR No. 78Islamabad: December 9, 2015

The Special Assistant to Prime Minister Mr. Ashtar Ausaf Ali chaired a meeting here at the Ministry of Law Justice and Human Rights with Mr. Charles L. Jenkins, US Department of Justice Resident Legal Advisor US Embassy this evening.

Mr. Jenkins shared views regarding the Human Justice system, Forensic science and other techniques used for effective prosecution in US and how Pakistan could share and effectively use the technologies developed by the US for devising flawless investigation techniques that could help in further improving the Justice system of Pakistan. He also stressed the need for imparting technical training to the prosecutors to enrich their working experience and knowledge.

Mr. Ashtar Ausaf said it is the priority of the PML-N Government to improve the law and justice system of the country and for this the International best practices present the best models. The US has one of the best legal systems in the world and Pakistan is heading towards achieving one.

Mr.Jenkins also praised the recent developments made in the Human Justice system of Pakistan. Both Officials agreed that the commitments made in the Bangkok conference in March this year would be fulfilled enthusiastically. “Mutual assistance in exchange programs of teachers, members of bar associations and students will be made a regular feature between the two countries”, said Mr. Ashtar Ausaf.

It was also decided that a delegation of ten judges will be sent to US to share the experiences of the US counterparts in the effective use of Human justice system, forensic science techniques for effective prosecution.