PR No. 276 Narrow Nationalism of the west is disastrous. COLLECTIVE WISDOM MUST TO PULL ASIA OUT OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC QUAGMIRES …….RAZA RABBANI Islamabad: November 29, 2016.

Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has said that the rise of narrow nationalism in the west based on white racism is disastrous. The 21st century is the Asian century as region would be the epicentre of economic power in the coming days; however, the Asian leadership would have to take wise decisions to overcome the common challenges.

On the sidelines of 9th Plenary session of Asian Parliamentary Assembly being held in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani held meetings with Mr. Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Mr. Say Chhum, the President of Cambodian Senate, President of Cambodian National Assembly, Speaker of Turkish Parliament, Speaker of Laos and various Speakers of various GCC countries. The Chairman Senate of Pakistan, during these high level interactions exchanged views on matter of mutual interests and bilateral significance particularly focussing on regional cooperation and making the APA a dynamic platform for raising voice for a strong Asia.

Mian Rabbani said that APA provides a better opportunity for resolution of issues and overcoming challenges hampering the progress of Asian region as the rise of narrow nationalism in the west based on white racism is disastrous.   He underscored the need for home made solutions to the problems of Asian region besides boosting regional cooperation for prosperity of the people of Asia. He said the 21st century is the Asian century and Asia will be the epicentre of economic power in the coming days. However, he cautioned the Asian leadership that wise decisions would be required to overcome challenges which to great extent have a commonality. He proposed for making collective endeavours for peace, stability, social and economic prosperity of the Asian continent.

He also informed his counterparts and the Cambodian PM about the brutalities being inflicted by Indian forces in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK) and said that indigenous freedom movement of the people of Kashmir cannot be suppressed through brutal killings of innocent Kashmiries. Mian Razza Rabbani informed that Indian forces continue to violate the LoC by shelling on Pakistani forces as well as bordering villages. He said that Indian war mongering behaviour is aimed at destroying regional peace and stability and global community especially, the champion of human rights must play its role. During the meetings strongly criticised the double standards of the west and pointed out that Asian leadership has to search solutions for the common challenges. He said that destiny of Asia lies in the hands of Asian people and collective wisdom is required to pull the region out of the quagmire and ensure a bright and prosperous future.

During the meetings, the Chairman Senate also emphasized the need for enhanced parliamentary linkage between the parliaments of APA countries and said that parliamentary diplomacy can produce better dividends as far as solution to common challenges was concerned.

Parliamentary heads and delegates of different counties appreciated Chairman Senate point of view on regional and global issues and agreed that enhanced cooperation between Pakistan and other APA member countries would usher a new era of development specially on the platform of APA to steer the Asian continent out of challenges on socio-economic fronts. They also lauded the active role being by the Senate of Pakistan for creation of an Asian Parliament.

In today’s session of the APA , Senator Nuzhat Sadiq has also been elected as Deputy Chairperson of the forum of APA women Parliamentarians.