PR No. 257 Islamabad: November 26, 2016.

President Mamnoon Hussain Saturday urged the youth to keep themselves fully abreast with the global changes and technology savvy world, so that they can play an effective role in the progress and development of the country. Contrary to the past, he said this era was not only spearheaded by the fast paced technology, but new concepts and realities were emerging as well.


Addressing at the Convocation of Ripah International University here, the President reminded the students that a full comprehension and adaption of these transformations were inevitable to achieve national objectives.

It was also equally important to understand the factors that pushed this region into unrest and instability; promoted extremism and caused unprecedented bloodshed, which not only affected Pakistan but the whole region, he added.

The President said besides, emerging changes in the arena of international politics, it was also important for the youth to realize the global economic trends for their future challenges and opportunities.

As a result of the emerging global scenario and the new alignments, this region has got special importance, he said, adding it was in this backdrop that the national leadership, had undertaken a long?term strategy and launched the Economic Corridor with the cooperation of our great friend China.

He noted with satisfaction that CPEC was currently in the completion phase and with the grace of Allah Almighty, trade convoys had also started moving under it. This corridor was in a way an extension of the historic Silk Route, which would not only benefit this region but the whole world, he added.

He said new prospects of development and progress had emerged from the operationalization of the Gwadar Port where first trade cargo had been sent.

The President noted with appreciation that Russia and Central Asian Republics (CARs) had also expressed their keen interest and desire to become a part of the CPEC and benefit from the vast connectivity opportunities being created.


He said efforts were on to make Diamer?Bhasha Dam a part of the CPEC. A number of wind, solar, coal and nuclear energy projects were also being implemented, he said, adding that there was no change in CPEC Western route.


The President about the steps taken by the current government for the economic turnaround, said it had paid back $10 billion debt with interest out of the total $15 billion of the past regimes, whereas the foreign reserves

had surged to $24 billion.


The President said the role of Pakistan and China for including all countries of the region in CPEC, a project of progress and prosperity would be written in the history in golden words.

He said for availing these opportunities created for Pakistan’s stability and prosperity, the youth would have to prepare themselves with the latest knowledge, skills and expertise. While without compromising on ideologies and national objectives, they have to conform with the global system, and put his region on the road of progress and stability, by taking it out from the clutches of war and conflicts, he added. He also regretted that during previous regimes,

corruption had left the country lagging behind in respect of progress and development.

The President hoped that everybody in the country would now contribute towards completion of all the development projects, so that the dreams of our Quaid and Allama Iqbal should be realized.  Dr. Mukhtar, Chairman Higher Education Commission, Hassan Muhammad Khan, Chancellor (Designate), Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, and ambassadors of China, Mauritius and Oman were also present on the occasion. Extending his heartiest congratulations to the successful students, the President expressed his confidence that they would serve the country and nation.

The President also expressed his satisfaction that during the last few years, the trend of getting higher studies in Pakistan had increased and the number of experts in various disciplines of life would augment this tendency.  He said education was essential to move ahead with the world, but the objectives of education could not be achieved if its moral aspect was ignored, a society became weakened if it lost its moral values due to corruption and debauchery.

Appreciating launch of “Life and Living” programme by the Ripah University, he asked the Higher Education Commission to also include other universities in this experience, after reviewing this curriculum.

The President said noted that the women made half or even more of Pakistan’s population. This proportion of population indicated that until our women included themselves in the mainstream, the dream of national development would not be realized, he added.

The President also advised that they should always keep in mind the fact that they were the daughters of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, who had their own ideological and cultural identity.

This caution was essential, as the people who go abroad ,particularly, youth represent themselves as country’s ambassadors and their acts exhibit their country’s identity, he added. He also congratulated the University for getting second position in the Higher Education Commission’s ranking.

The President also prayed for the departed soul of Maj. Gen. Dr. Zulfikar Ali Khan, who laid the foundation of Ripah University. The President also gave away prizes, certificates and medals to students and staff members for excelling in their respective disciplines.