Federal Minister for Climate Change Mr. Zahid Hamid arrived in Morocco on  14th November 2016. He visited the Pakistani Pavilion and appreciated the efforts of delegation to promote climate change effects, tourism and culture of Pakistan through designing of pavilion. He held a bilateral meeting with Iranian Minister for environment. Both sides agreed to increase cooperation in areas of climate change.

The next day started with the opening ceremony of the Conference of Parties (COP22) that was opened by the king of Morocco His Excellency Muhammad the 6th in the ancient Moroccan city of Marrakesh. Then he also attended the lunch hosted by the King for delegates. Then he held a bilateral meeting with the Turkish Minister for Environment. Federal Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hmid told his counterpart   about some policy initiatives of Pakistan that includes Climate Change Policy, Disaster Risk Reduction Policy and adoption of sustainable development goals. He also told them that The Pakistan China Economic corridor is a precursor for economic boost for whole region. The emission level go up once due to CEPEC projects. Then he attended a dinner hosted by Saudi Arab Minister for environment and discussed issues of climate change

The Next day Federal Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid announced official statement of Pakistan in high-level segment of COP-2 attended by the head of delegates. The Honorable `Minister highlighted that “We have adopted a perspective development plan called ”Vision 2025?, a National Climate Change Policy along with a Framework for its implementation, and a National Disaster Risk Reduction Policy”.

He also said that Next week we will be introducing in Parliament a historic Pakistan Climate Change Bill, which will establish a high-level, policy-making Pakistan Climate Change Council, along with the Pakistan Climate Change Authority, to prepare and supervise implementation of adaptation and mitigation projects in various sector. Pakistan has also developed a National Sustainable Development Strategy, and I am proud to inform you that earlier this year Pakistan became perhaps the first country in the world whose National Assembly passed a unanimous Resolution adopting the SDGs Agenda as its own national development agenda”, informed by the minister.                                                                                 



            Then federal Minister for Climate Change attended Women Leaders & the Global Transformation Summit and highlighted important initiatives taken for women empowerment of Pakistan. He said the government of Pakistan is fully aware that women are powerful agents of change and it is therefore vital to ensure participation of women and female gender experts in all policies, initiatives and decision relating to climate change. Pakistan has taken affirmative action too ensure women’s participation and decision making in policy and decision making. Seats have been reserved for women in parliament, provincial assemblies and local governments. Women parliamentarians have spearheaded the significant laws for gender equality, removal of discriminatory practice and barriers to empowerment, protection from harassment at the work place, securing inheritance rights, contesting and participation in elections, among many other told by the minister.

The next day Federal Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid attended high-level event on climate action and announced three important policy initiatives of Pakistan Green Pakistan Program, Climate Change Act and submission of INDCs. Then held a meetings with Common wealth Secretary General and UAE Minister for environment. Pakistan and UAE agreed to increase support and cooperation in the field of education and clean energy. Then he chaired a side event on “ Adaptation to Climate Change: National and Sub National Coherence, Coordination and Cooperation at Regional Level where he highlighted that South Asia is vulnerable to many climate change acts and policies initiatives taken by Pakistan. He departed from Morocco on 18th November,2016.