Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination has welcomed Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency Survey 2015-16 which indicates an upward trajectory in the country’s immunization program.

In a statement, the Ministry said Pakistan Institute of legislative Development and transparency, conducted a nationwide   poll   regarding   Public   Opinion   on   Quality   of   Governance during the third Year in office of Federal and Provincial to gauge perceptions of Pakistan’s citizens on the Quality of Governance in Pakistan. 27 core Governance indicators for the survey were used including Law and Order, Poverty Alleviation, Education, Healthcare,  Transparency,  Energy Production and Management,  Anti-corruption,  Investment Friendliness, Tax collection, Utility bills collection,  Management of Unemployment,  Development Programs, Quality and Independence of Civil Service, Merit based recruitment and promotion, Use of technologies for better governance,  Transparent and Efficient Public Procurement,  Management of Supply of Agricultural Inputs, Environmental Sustainability, Disaster  Preparedness and Management,  Immunization in Children, Devolution of Power to Lower Tier, Access to an efficient Justice system, National Security, Foreign Policy Management,  Performance of regulatory bodies, Merit Based Appointments in regulatory Bodies, Management of Inflation and Water Resource Development
and Management in which the public opinion on Government’s Performance at maintaining the core Governance indicators were measured.
Federal   Government’s   governance   performance  has   been   positively evaluated in the area of Immunization services with 77 % score which reflects significant improvement as a result of stringent monitoring by the federal government, uninterrupted supply of vaccines and logistics and introduction of a world class ISO certified vaccine management system by the Ministry of National Health Services.

It may be mentioned that Immunization of Children is among the top ranking governance indicators in terms of public  opinion   and  suggest   that  the   Government’s efforts   in   these   areas has been well received by a majority of the respondents.   According to the Survey report Federal Government Performance in Provinces regarding   to   immunization   children   is   also   very   good   which   rated   as Immunization of Children (Balochistan (73%); KP (61%); Punjab (85%); Sindh(69%)

It was also elaborated that the citizens of Pakistan showed their highest level of satisfaction in the provision and access to  immunization services in the third year of this Government particularly at the Federal level.

The Ministry has reiterated its firm commitment to continue to work with the provinces and other stakeholders to further strengthen the country’s immunization program that provides free of cost vaccination to every Pakistani child and pregnant mother against nine deadly and debilitating diseases.

The statement added that over the last three years a major reform agenda has been initiated including launch of the national health vision, introduction of landmark drug pricing policy, revamping of Drug Regulatory Authority, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, Pakistan Pharmacy Council and Pakistan Nursing Council to make them efficient and transparent in line with internationally recognised best practices,  improved detection and free treatment for TB, Malaria and AIDS, provision of drug for hepatitis c at the cheapest price, establishment of state of the art world class BSL 3 laboratories at the National Institute of Health among others.