Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has underscored the need for enhanced parliamentary diplomacy and institutional cooperation among parliaments to promote the cause of peace and protection of human rights. He called upon to boost the existing linkages between Inter- Parliamentary Union (IPU) and Senate to strengthen democracy ideals and values besides achieving the benchmarks enshrined in the IPU Charter. He expressed these views while exchanging views with Secretary General Mr. Martin Chungong in a meeting on the sidelines of IPU annual session being held in Geneva, says a press release received here today from Geneva.

He said that IPU is an important forum and provides us an opportunity to share views and learn from each other’s experience for consolidating the foundations of democracy in respective countries. He emphasized the need for more institutional linkages and inter-parliamentary cooperation. “There is need to promote Parliamentary democracy at national and international level for promotion of the peace and protection of the human rights” Raza Rabbani said.

He proposed a more vibrant role for IPU as issues and challenges being faced have a commonality and there was a dire need to make collective efforts to resolve those issues.  He also apprized the IPU Secretary General about the recent initiatives taken by the Senate to restore majesty of the Parliament and strengthen democracy in the country.

Raza Rabbani has been specially invited by the president of the IPU Mr. Saber Chaudhary to attend the session and deliver a speech on issues related to Human Rights.

Raza Rabbani also addressed the participants while deliberating in special segment to mark the 40th anniversary of the Committee on the Human Rights of the Parliamentarians at Geneva. He said that  international parliamentary forums, human rights organizations should move beyond the resolutions and verbiage to play a more protective role for implementation of the international laws and commitments and meeting the agreed commitments.  Mr. Chungong appreciated Chairman Senate views and expressed his desire to boost further cooperation.

Chairman said that the long standing contentious issues and dispute needs to be resolved especially in the Asian region for restoration of peace not only in the region but also to the benefit of the world community.  The countries which are more focused to promote their economy through enhancing the production of their war industries does not seem interested in establishing the peace in the conflicted regions.

He said that attributing the struggle for the right of self determination and human rights with the terrorism would not offer a tillable solution to the problem of unrest and will not be in the interest of the world.  He said that the Kashmir is the oldest agenda pending with the UN and continuous human rights abuses and negating the peoples of Kashmir to their right to self determination has made the region a flash point and a major source of instability in the region.  Brutalities being committed by the Indian forces in the occupied Kashmir are not new and unknown to the world.  He called upon the global community and International Parliamentary forums to come forward and play their role to ensure implementation of the international human rights laws and UN resolutions to resolve the long standing issue.

He said that democracy gives better options to resolve issues through dialogue and discussion and we must engage in the process of dialogue and discussion to avoid war , show respect for human rights and give peace a chance to flourish to make the Asian region economically developed and strong.