PR No. 218 Islamabad: September 27, 2016

A meeting of the National Task Force for Human Rights held here in Islamabad on Tuesday. On the directives of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mohammad Nawaz Shareef, this Task Force has started its working formally and efficiently.

he Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael will be the ex officio Chairman of the National Task force for human rights.

It has been decided in the meeting that Committees for Human Rights shall be constituted throughout the Pakistan at the Provincial, District and Sub division level.

Addressing the meeting, the minister said, the Institutions and Organizations working for the promotion of Human Rights have been doing well but it is need of the hour to further improve their capacity and working potential. “The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees equal rights for all the citizens of the state irrespective of any caste, region, colour, race and deity”, he added. Minister stated that to achieve this Constitutional guarantee, it is necessary to strengthen the Institutions of the state.

The Federal Ministry for Human Rights has established a Legal Aid Wing for the legal aid of those citizens whom rights have been violated and they have no means for the redressal of their grievances. Moreover, the Federal Ministry for Human Rights has also made a help line for the help of the citizens. He further added.

Federal Minister, Kamran Michael said the members of the National Task Force should endeavor to redress the grievances of the citizens in the light of the Governmental policy. He said we are trying to ensure the protection and respect of the rights of the oppressed classes including the Women and Minorities at any cost adding that steps have been taken in this regard.