A Canadian Parliamentarian delegation comprising Senator Salma Ataullah Jan and members of Parliament Ms. Salma Zahid and Ms. Iqra Khalid met with the High Commissioner of Pakistan Tariq Azim Khan here today.


The High Commissioner briefed the delegation on the latest situation in Pakistan and the region. He informed the delegation about the reign of state terrorism let loose by India in the occupied Jammu & Kashmir and characterized it as a challenge to humanity and the champions of human rights. He sensitized the Canadian Parliamentarians on the gross atrocities and human rights violations in the wake of killing of social media activist Burhanuddin Wani. He called upon the Canadian Parliamentarians and the international community to apply the same human rights standards in Kashmir as anywhere else in the world.


The High Commissioner also briefed the delegation on the social and economic reforms undertaken by the Government for stabilization and growth of the economy. He informed that Pakistan has undergone considerable tax reforms resulting in expansion of tax base which resulted in record tax revenue collection in the last three years. He said that the Pakistani Stock Market has been declared as one of the best performing stock exchange, not only in Asia but in the whole world, by the international rating agencies. He further stated that Pakistan has made significant progress in meeting shortfall in energy and overcoming security situation of the country. He informed that with the completion of the ongoing energy projects, the country will be able to meets its growing energy demands. He said that the Canadian energy firms would be welcomed to invest in the country.


The Canadian Parliamentarians agreed on the need for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute through dialogue for lasting peace in the region. They also expressed to encourage Canadian business firms to consider the potential of investment in energy and oil & gas sectors of Pakistan.