PR No.210 Islamabad

State Minister Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman attended the certificate distribution ceremony of middle level training of organizational managers at PTV Academy today.


            Media studies and media related trainings are very important in this media age, said the Minister. He said that well trained human resource is the key to success for any organization. And getting trained from a veteran institute like Pakistan Television is an honor itself. Minister of State congratulated all the participants on successfully completed the training and added that professional training is an ambit of our ministry therefore we would love to extend any support and facilitation to all the training institutes of Pakistan.

Quoting the example of kaizen concept in Japan, Minister of State said that one should always strive for the excellence. He said our religion also teaches us to work for the betterment and improvement of our systems and society. And such trainings are the first step in that direction. Moreover he said that PTV has the best infrastructure in the country but it needs to be utilized more efficiently.  As a state channel, we should equip ourselves with new technologies, innovation and novel ideas to compete globally. These are small efforts that really matter in a country’s progress, emphasized the minister. He also said that trainings should be conducted in relax and friendly atmosphere, where participants should be given a fair chance to unwind themselves.

Minister of State said that country’s situation has been improved over the period of last three and half years and we have come a long way from being labeled as a terrorist nation to a flourishing economy. There were institutes which were redundant when we took over but with the efforts in right direction we were able to make them effective again, said the minister. But we still have a long way to go.

In the end, Minister of State distributed the certificates among the participants.