PR No. 43 Islamabad

Japan’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs calls on National Security Adviser to discuss bilateral relations and regional security situation
State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Mr. Nobuo Kishi, who is currently in Pakistan for a two days official visit, called this morning on National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Nasser Khan Janjua to discuss promotion of bilateral relations and enhancing mutual understanding of regional security situation.
General Janjua warmly welcomed the Minister on his third visit to Pakistan, which also coincides with 65th Anniversary of the inception of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Japan. While thanking Mr. Kishi for his visit, NSA briefed the visitor on security situation of the region covering Afghanistan, India and recent alarming situation in Indian Held Kashmir.  He also explained at length the fragile strategic stability of the region for which the World must play a role.  He urged he Minister that Japan should not look at Pakistan through the prism of terrorism which is not of our making.  Japan should focus on the potential and “Rising Pakistan” of tomorrow and the role it can play subsequently. Pakistan, he told, was a resilient nation, the people and armed forces of Pakistan had full capability to defeat the forces of terrorism in the region.
The Adviser also conveyed concern over the rising tensions in the Korean Peninsula.   Expressing support for Japan, NSA wished it be resolved peacefully and through political means.
Minister Kishi said that Pakistan was a warm and traditional friend of Japan. He reaffirmed Japan’s continued support for Pakistan’s economic development and counter-terrorism cooperation.
He conveyed appreciations for Pakistan’s constructive efforts for the restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.
Expressing his concern about tensions in Pak-India relations over Kashmir, the Minister hoped that the two countries would keep the channels of dialogue open.
The Minister conveyed readiness of his Government to further build on existing cooperative relations with Pakistan and to enhance mutual understanding on issues of mutual concern.
Nobuo Kishi is the grandson of former Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Nobusuke Kishi who established the diplomatic relationship with Pakistan and the younger brother of incumbent Prime Minister Shenzo Abe.