PR No. 121 Islamabad: 20 Sept. 2016

President Mamnoon Hussain has emphasized for self-sufficiency in the fields of education to compete with the world in accordance with modern requirements.  The President urged Pakistani scientists to devise strategies in coordination with international scientific institutions to equip our coming generations with modern technologies for serving the humanity.

The President said this while addressing the 2nd International Conference on Space – 2016 organized by Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) and Strategic Plans Division here in Islamabad on Tuesday.  On the occasion, Director General, Strategic Plans Division Lieutenant General Mazhar Jamil, Chairman SUPARCO, Mr. Qaiser Anis Khurram and scientists from Pakistan and abroad were present.

The President regretted that on certain occasions, by targeting specific regions and nations, efforts are made to restrict the benefits of research and development for them.

President Mamnoon Hussain stated that during the last few decades there has been great progress in the field of space sciences in which, despite limited resources and unforeseen difficulties, Pakistani scientists and engineers have participated significantly as a result of which scientific, social and economic sectors witnessed unprecedented progress. The President said that SUPARCO has played an important role in the field of science in Pakistan.  He added that the first communication satellite of Pakistan “PAK SAT 1R” has provided the basis for this progress from which maximum benefit is being derived.  He hoped that when Remote Sensing Satellite is launched in the near future, it will also prove successful and useful like the previous satellite.  The President said that the development in science will bring further improvement in the fields of communications, agriculture, infrastructure development, environmental monitoring, early warning systems and education.

The President stated that the conference will provide an opportunity to Pakistani scientists to reflect on topics of their interest and benefit from the experiences of visiting scientists.  The President expressed confidence that this conference will be beneficial with regard to research on Space and Upper Space in Pakistan and will be instrumental in promoting educational and research culture in the country. The President expressed satisfaction that help from space sciences is also being taken in the planning and monitoring of this century’s great project i.e. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

President Mamnoon Hussain called for paying more attention on educational and research institutions engaged in space research so that there is further progress in the scientific field and young scientists could contribute in national development.  The President emphasized that Pakistan will have to excel in the field of science to keep pace with the developed countries.

The President thanked Pakistani and foreign delegates for participating in International Conference on Space and hoped that Pakistan will continue to hold such conferences in future to pave the way in international space cooperation.

On the occasion, President Mamnoon Hussain inaugurated an exhibition organized by SUPARCO highlighting the progress attained in space technology.  The President evinced keen interest in the exhibition and commended SUPARCO for organizing it.