PR No.35 Islamabad

The two-day International TVET Conference, organized by National Vocational & Technical Training Commission ended today. A large number of industrialists heads of institutes, local and foreign TVET experts participated in this conference. Extensive deliberations on various agendas related to TVET were made including improving the role of industry, enhancing public-private partnership, developing curricula, promoting entrepreneurship, encouraging collaboration between government and industrial sector, and increasing the chances of employability of youth both at domestic and international market.

While addressing the conference, the Executive Director, Mr. Zulfiqar Cheema said that amongst many important characteristics of the conference, one is the opportunity for the participants to see the actual Pakistan which is much more beautiful and much safer than whats portrayed by the biased media. He said that in this age of collectivism, we have to address the challenges being faced by skill sector with collective will, wisdom and coordinated efforts. He further added that this TVET conference has really motivated the industrial sector also and they have expressed their commitment to support the TVET sector in more enthusiastic manner. He said that the plenary sessions were extremely useful and after prolonged deliberations, the delegates came up with very useful and comprehensive recommendations regarding the basic issues of skill development sector.  He said that these recommendations will be formulated and submitted to not only the government but all the stakeholders. It will go a long way to improve the TVET system of Pakistan and it would open new vistas for our youth’s employability, he added.

A number of delegates from different countries including the delegate from UK, Mr. Mike Dave, Delegate from Sri Lanka, Mufti Hasham, Delegate from Kazkhstan Ms. Zhanna, Delegate from China Prof. Shi Qingwei, Delegate from Australia, Ms. Cedar Ellen Tegan, Delegate from CPSC, Mr. Rahmahari Lamichhane, while speaking on the occasion expressed their deep gratitude to the organizers for their hospitality, professionalism, organizational skills, and caring attitude. They admired the exquisite beauty of Islamabad.

The Country Head of GIZ, Ms. Julie, also spoke on this occasion and admired the improvements and latest initiatives taken by NAVTTC.

Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema also distributed certificates amongst the foreign delegates of the fifteen countries.