Ministry of Water and Power is implementing a comprehensive electricity load management plan in wake of severe heat wave in the month of October and  Unforeseen technical outages to the tune of 1260MW resulting increase in electricity shortfall in the country.

In order to manage the power position, Normal load management of 6 hour Urban, 8 hours rural and zero load shedding for industries is being carried in the country. Mix industry is being witnessing 4 hours of load management. Areas with higher losses and theft are having different load management schedule based on their percentage of losses.

The higher demand due to heat wave and technical outages of few units of   IPPs  and  Genco’s is being managed by the distribution companies through effective monitoring and other measures.

Currently the country is witnessing severe heat wave in the month of October which is unprecedented and has resulted in shape increase for demand of electricity.

Further some units of  IPPs and GENCOs have gone into unforseen technical outages resulting in lesser power generation to the tune of 1260MW. The power plants units  which are on forced outages due to unforseen  technical faults are


Hubco unit#4   (300) MW

liberty power 200 MW

Engro.            200 MW

Muzzafar Garh Unit #3(180MW), Lakhra(30MW),

Halmore(200 MWs)

Guddu747 (150MW)


It may be noted that in September and  October  the Hydel power generation  is already low a compared to August  due to lower released from dams on demand of provinces.

Due to all above narrated reasons the average demand and supply shortfall has increased from 4000 MW to above 5000 MW.

Repair work on units of  IPPs and GENCO’S is already in progress and efforts are being made to bring these units as soon as possible. Officials of the Ministry are in constant touch with the these plants administration to expedite the repair work.

It is important to note that to  save the system, the NPCC may conduct unannounced loadshedding in some areas if the electricity demand further rise.

The  Ministry of Water and Power has appealed to  the consumers  to adopt energy conservation measures and lower energy usage as the current position may continue for a couple of days till the plants are back the system.

The Ministry highly regrets the inconvenience caused to the consumers.