PR No. 154 Islamabad: 21th September 2017

Arch bishop Ms. Antje Jackelen called on Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Sardar Muhammad Yousuf here today.    Minister welcomed bishop and highlighted the important role being played by the Christian community in the country’s development. People of all faiths, religion and sects are enjoying equal rights in Pakistan according to their religion and Constitution of 1973 provided these rights of equality, minister said.

          Ministry of Interfaith Harmony is trying to create harmony among all religions and to create unity in Pakistan, minister said. All people are equal here, spend their lives freely according to their religion and one has no superiority on other, minister cited quotation of Quaid-e-Azam.

          Minister informed the dignitary about the measures taken by the government for ensuring the welfare and security of religious minorities. He said that the numbers of seats are reserved for the minorities in the national and provincial assemblies and minorities, especially Christians, had made significant contribution to the development activities in Pakistan.

          There are some incidents of religious violence in Pakistan which create negative image of Pakistan but our ministry is striving hard to deal with it and ministry is trying to provide financial assistance to aggrieved person although compensation cannot reverse the lose, minister said.

          Archbishop applauded the steps taken by the government for protecting the rights of minorities and called for greater interfaith dialogue to achieve the goals of peace and development for all. She appreciated speedy response of government to crisis belong to interfaith disharmony.