PR No. 194 Sharing experiences in health sector between Turkey and Pakistan is mutually beneficial, says Envoy Islamabad

Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkey Sohail Mahmood has said that closer collaboration and sharing of experiences between Pakistan and Turkey in the health field would be of mutual benefit, says a press release received here today from Turkey.

He was speaking to another visiting health delegation from Punjab, comprising 10 senior doctors and nurses of the Recep Tayyip Erdo?an Hospital, Muzafargarh, and 10 experts and pharmacists of drug testing laboratories of Multan and Bahawalpur.

Expressing satisfaction at the growing Pakistan-Turkey collaboration in the health sector, Ambassador Sohail Mahmood observed that this positive trend would help reinforce the health reform initiatives in Pakistan and ultimately benefit the people, especially in the disadvantages segments. He urged the delegation members to employ new techniques observed and learnt in Turkey in their respective institutions.  The importance of skilled human resources and improved health service delivery with empathy was underscored.

The doctors and nurses from Recep Tayyip Erdo?an Hospital in Muzafargarh are visiting leading hospitals in Ankara and working with Turkey’s senior health practitioners to learn new techniques in the areas of orthopedics, surgeries, urology, infection control, and hospital management. Similarly, the drug testing laboratories and pharmacy delegation is studying the Turkish model of drug testing and pharmacy management.