A conational consultative workshop on  “Transforming Strategic Developing Goals into Action-6 organized by Ministry of Climate Change and United Nation Pakistan

“Pakistan fully stands with the Strategic Developing Goals (SDG’s). we have recognized the seventeen goals as seventeen steps essential towards a better Pakistan, part of a better world, we live in and we want to give to our children.” Said by the Federal Minister of Climate Change.

“The Ministry of Climate Change has to honor of developing the National Sanitation Policy in year 2006 and National Drinking Water Policy in 2009, just one year before the massive floods in Pakistan”, Zahid Hamid

He also said that, “Parliament of Pakistan has established the SDG Secretariat which is now serving as a Resource Center. Federal and provincial governments have committed a total of 15 million US Dollars for SDG localization in Pakistan for 5 years. This is indicative of our steadfast commitment to SDGs and places Pakistan ahead of other countries.

“Pakistan is taking several initiatives to implement these goals. Ministry of Climate Change future roadmap is based on these important steps: Pakistan will host South Asian Conference on Sanitation 2017, Make Water And Sanitation Hygiene climate change resilient and engagement with international processes like “Water And Sanitation for All”, Informed by the Federal Minister to the audience .

“ It is great privilege for us that Pakistan being one of few countries which met the MDGs sanitation target in 2015 is being quoted time and again.  The Ministry of Climate Change has the honour of developing the National Sanitation Policy in year 2006 and National Drinking Water Policy in 2009, just one year before the massive floods in Pakistan. When government and WASH sector partners were looking for guidance, these policies provided guidance as well as legal framework to conceive a country specific and unanimously agreed approach’, highlighted by the Minister.

Malik Tanveer Aslam, Provincial Minister of Housing Urban and Public Health Engineering addressed to participants and said, “ All partners need to act in new way to achieve Strategic Developing Goals.” He also shared his experiences of representing Pakistan in a High Level political dialogue of Sanitation and Water for All in March 2016 and gave the presentation on the facts and figures to the related topic.

Irfan Tariq, DG of Ministry of Climate Change welcomed the participants and said that, “SDG holds a critical importance in accelerating and achieving the sustainable development and Ministry of Climate Change has taken some concrete steps with the mandate of policy formulation, Ministry of Climate Change has been on the fore front to lay in an enabling environment for this we have represented Pakistan in High Level Political Dialogue in Addis Ababa.

He described “the key objectives of this consultation, which are: to initiate the process of finalizing the targets of SDG-6 to track progress till 2030 and the way forward for developing national level indicators.

Ms. Angela Kearney, Country Representative of UNICEF Pakistan said, “It was difficult for Pakistan to reach Millennium Development Goals but due to collective efforts we met them.”


Mr. Neil Buhne, Resident Coordinator of United Nations in Pakistan and Mrs. Tahira Aurangzeb , Member of Parliament also addressed the audiences.

Many Federal Provincial and local Government officials dealing with the issue gave their presentations.