NOT TO BE PUBLISHED, BROADCAST, TELECAST BEFORE THE MORNING OF 26-6-2016 PR No. 187 Message from Mr. Mamnoon Hussain President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (On the occasion of International Drug Day 26-6-2016) Islamabad: June 25, 2016.

Making our community, our country and our world free from the menace of drugs is a responsibility shared by all humanity and the world. Each year, the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a reminder for all of us to stay committed to our responsibility and do our part for this collective cause.  It also comes as an opportunity for stock taking and for planning future strategies to effectively combat the challenges of drug abuse and drug trafficking.

For decades, Pakistan has been making efforts and contributions to make the society drug free. It is only because of these untiring efforts that today we are a poppy free country. Pakistan is ranked among the top three countries of the world in global narcotic seizures and stands among the leading countries to effectively interdict illicit drug trafficking through improved border surveillance.

The Government of Pakistan has been pursuing the objectives of eradication of drug trafficking under its Anti-Narcotics Policy 2010 and the Drug Control Master Plan 2010-2014. Through our proactive partnerships with United Nations and other international organizations, we are endeavoring for a drug-free Pakistan as well as making our mark in the efforts for a drug-free world.

Our nation significantly comprises of youth and it is our responsibility to take care of this asset. Youth are the major victim of drug abuse and addiction and this is where we as a nation, as a society and as individuals need to fulfill our responsibilities. Whether in the role of parents, brothers, sisters, teachers or community elders, all of us need to be vigilant and do our best to ensure that our loved ones are not provided access to harmful substances.

Narcotics Control Division, under the Ministry of Interior, is making significant efforts in curbing the menace of narcotics in our society. Today as we celebrate this international day, I appreciate the organisation’s efforts and urge all stakeholders to remain steadfast in our struggle for a drug-free nation. I take this opportunity to call upon the international community as well to play an even greater role in this regard and focus its attention towards complete elimination of drug production.