PR No. 124 Event organized in Ankara to express soladirity with the Kashmiri people by observing “Black Day” Islamabad

In order to protest against the atrocities committed against the people of Occupied Kashmir and to express solidarity with the Kashmiri people, the Embassy of Pakistan in Ankara observed “Black day” today. All officers and staff wore ‘black armbands.’


Quran Khawani was held at the Embassy for the Kashmiris who were recently martyred by the security forces in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.  Special prayers were offered for the martyrs of Kashmir, for early recovery of the wounded, and for a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiri people.


In his remarks on the occasion, Ambassador of Pakistan Sohail Mahmood highlighted the significance of the observance of ‘Black Day,’ underscored the grave concern of the Government and people of Pakistan over the human suffering in Kashmir due to the excessive use of force by the occupying forces, stressed that efforts were underway to apprise the international community of the atrocities being perpetrated, and underlined the need for the world community to play its role in facilitating a just, peaceful and durable solution of the Kashmir dispute.


Ambassador Sohail Mahmood also thanked the Government and people of Turkey for their consistent support for the cause of Kashmir.