PR No.290 Islamabad: March 28, 2017

President Mamnoon Hussain has emphasized the need for providing equal opportunities for better future of the country and training and education of new generation to avoid sense of deprivation in children so that they could work for progress and prosperity in line with their aspirations.

The President said this while addressing the concluding session of First National Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education organized by Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training at Allama Iqbal Open University here in Islamabad on Tuesday. Minister of State for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Saira Afzal Tarar was also present on the occasion.

The President stated that the path towards progress and prosperity cannot be halted for the nations which deliberate on their future by taking time from the present adding that holding of this conference is a part of this process. The President expressed pleasure that the Government of Pakistan is paying full attention to these issues under Vision 2025 to enable the future generations to become better citizens and future architects through quality training and education. For this reason the people belonging to both government and non-governmental sectors could work with intellectual harmony by gathering under a platform in this conference, he added.


President Mamnoon Hussain noted that Pakistani society is going through rapid transformations for the last few decades and the growth of information technology and certain electronic inventions have further quickened the pace. Therefore it is imperative that the Government and society together should undertake measures through which our youth could play a positive role for progress of their country and nation by utilizing these inventions without being adversely affected by the changing situation, emphasized the President.


The President said that Pakistani society traditionally has been a conventional one with strong family system. He added that in that environment there were many other elders available besides parents to care for children. Unfortunately, our society could not remain unaffected from the effects of changes occurring in the world which resultantly weakened the roots of erstwhile strong family system. With the passage of time the sight of elders who kept a watchful eye on children in the streets became a rarity besides the grandfathers and grandmothers due to which the training of children could not be maintained on old lines, he further stated. The President underlined that our responsibilities, in terms of upbringing and nurturing of children, have increased more than before and it has become necessary that in order to address this issue the state and society should devise a system in which requirements of the society are met.


The President said that in the present era apart from family traditions our way of life has also witnessed changes at grand scale adding it is because of these changes that there is difference in physical growth of our children in comparison to the past. He further stated that class divisions and difference in earnings between different segments of the society have led to emergence of many problems which is a matter of great concern. He hoped that in this regard all relevant institutions would devise a system which could provide conducive environment for training, education and growth of children from home to classroom. The President stressed that if we could not succeed in stopping or decreasing the growing class divisions in our society then it will lead to creation of issues which will be more difficult to handle than before.


The President hoped that the recommendations forwarded by experts during the conference will be able to provide a solid basis for better training and education of children and aid the Government in framing practicable and sound policies to this end.