PR No. 50 Islamabad: June 6, 2016

Director General (NAB) Ms.Aaliya Rashid has said that women class can play a vital role in elimination of corruption. The need is to take concrete steps on war footing basis. A comprehensive public awareness campaign will do a lot to this effect.

As the Chief Guest she was addressing a seminar on Say No to Corruption held under the auspices of the Islamabad Crescent Lions Club. District Governor Lions Club International Lion Shafqat Khawar Ch. presided. Dr. Masood Ghani, Dr. Jamil Asgher Bhatti, Dr. Khalil Ahmed, Sibtain Raza Lodhi, Ch. M.Sarif and others addressed.

DG(NAB) Aaliya Rashid said, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah termed corruption a poison and we have to eliminate it by force. Throwing light on role of the youth to this effect, she highlighted the various forms of corruption. Pakistan is our motherland and Jehad will be continued against corruption. The speakers said, civil society and national institutions are to undertake joint steps to get rid of corruption. The NAB alone cannot obtain desired results. For the purpose, the Parliament, Establishment, Judiciary and law enforcing agencies should also play their role to achieve the objective.

The participants committed to join hands with the NAB for this noble cause.