PR No. 21 Islamabad: June 02, 2016

MoS Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman  met with the H.E Dr. Lahcen Daudi Minister for higher education Morocco, H.E. Mustapha Salahadine Ambassador of Morocco, and High Commissioner Maldives Syed Khawar Ali Shah today.

Minister of State welcomed H.E. Dr. Lahcen and his delegation and said we want to strengthen our already existed bond with our Moroccan brothers more in future.

It was decided in the meeting to send one Rector/Vice Chancellor from both the countries to visit each other’s countries’ universities to get better idea about the higher education system in both the countries. Moreover it was decided in the meeting to activate 10 scholarships from Morocco as this scholarship program has been inactive for quite sometimes. Student exchange programs and teacher exchange programs were also discussed.

H.E. Dr. Lahcen told that medium of instruction is mostly Arabic and French in Moroccon schools and Universities but due to the importance of English in this age they are also planning to introduce English medium in their universities now. However there are some American schools which are English Medium. He said that science was our (Muslims) past and science is going to be our future In Shaa Allah. And we should work together as a Ummah for the betterment of education in general. Moreover it was also discussed to get some help in sports education from Morocco as they are one of the best countries in terms of sports activities.

High Commissioner Maldives Mr. Khawar requested the Minister of State Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman to send Pakistani teachers to Maldives as there is a dire need of teachers there. We have 2000 highly paid Indian teachers working in Maldives and would need more teachers from our own country to be there as well, said the High Commissioner. Moreover he said that we are also translating Allama Iqbal’s poetry to include it in the syllabus.

In the end, Minister of State thanked the delegation and gave token of appreciation to H.E Dr. Lahcen and his delegation.


Meeting was attended by Saira Afzal Minister for health, Dr. Amirullah Marwat (Standing committee), Arshad Khan Leghari (MNA), Federal Secretary Education Humanyon Khan, Additional Secretary Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik, and joint Education Advisor Rafiq Tahir.