PR No. 10 Islamabad: June 01, 2016

The 15th General Assembly of COMSTECH endorses a comprehensive 10 year plan of action for development of science and technology in OIC states prepared by COMSTECH in consultation with eminent scientists of several member states. The plan recommends all member states to implement basic needs of provision of quality education, food, water, energy and infrastructure facilities for all before the implementation of projects for advancement of Science and Technology.

The resolution adopted by COMSTECH General Assembly in its concluding session envisages a better future for Muslim World provided they collaborate by sharing physical and             technical resources to build collective competence in science and technology.

The Ibne al Haitham programme for exchange of scientists within the OIC states in the 10 year plan of action is a step forward towards increasing collaboration and capacity building of less developed member states. In this regard COMSTECH has selected 5 centers of excellence in OIC states. Five more will be selected for the exchange programme.

Science, Technology and Innovation Organization (STIO) will be made functional and financially viable organization for implementation of p;rogarmmes and activities identified in the 10 year plan of action.

The General Assembly acknowledged the award of 50 scholarships under the aegis of OIC Education Exchange Programme since 2009-10 and additional 50 scholarships through ISESCO by the Government of Pakistan every year for the students of member states.

COMSTECH exclusively appreciated offer of Government of Pakistan to award 30 scholarships to students of OIC member states to study of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) through OIC education exchange programme.

COMSTECH further welcomed the offer of the Kingdom of Bahrain for the member states participate in the training programmes and workshops organized by the UNESCO regional centers for the Information and Communication Technologies and Center of Excellence in Technical Education of Bahrain.