PR No. 3 Islamabad: June 01, 2016

Minister of State Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman attended the Girls Youth Assembly “Let Girls Learn” by FEHRO (Female Human Rights Organization) at Quaid e Azam Universitytoday.

Education is compulsory for every man and woman according to our religion and providing the education to all is our responsibility according to article 25a of our constitution, said the Minister. He congratulated the team of FEHRO and its chairman Mr. Rayat Ullah Khan for striving for this noble cause of educating girls. He also admired the efforts of Vice Chancellor of Quaid e Azam University Dr.  Javed Ashraf for arranging such a conference at their campus.

Minister of State said that there are positive as well as negative things in our society but we should not always portray bad things, it’s my humble request to our media friends. Because negativity brings hopelessness which is prohibited in Islam. He further added that there is gender disparity in our education system which is not acceptable but we should keep it in our mind that we are still better than many countries like India and some of the African countries as far as gender disparity is concerned. Our net enrollment rate has been improved to 2% for girls in past two years.Everywhere we see girls are outshining boys in academics whether it is medical, engineering or any other field.

Things are improving, stated the Minister. Our tax to GDP ratio has been increased to 12% from 8.5%, education budget for the year 2016-2017 has been increased to  Rs. 769 billion which is a remarkable achievement in itself. Our for Es (Education, Energy, Economy, Extremism) has been working well for us. So we should not lose hope and always stay focused. In the end he said that “Behind every successful man there is a woman and behind every successful woman there is also a woman who inspired her to achieve her goals and dreams.”