NOT TO BE PUBLISHED, BROADCAST OR TELECAST BEFORE 21ST MAY, 2016 PR No. 174 MESSAGE FROM H.E. MR. MAMNOON HUSSAIN PRESIDENT OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN (On the Occasion of 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China) Islamabad

“Pakistan and China enjoy time-tested an all-weather friendship. It is a unique friendship. We are good neighbours, close friends, trusted partners, and Iron brothers. We have elevated our relationship to “All-weather strategic cooperative partnership”.

In the 65 years since that historic day in May, 1951 when we established diplomatic relations with China, great changes have taken place both within our own countries and outside. We have seen these changes shake the world and reshape the political landscape. Yet through all this change, our friendship has endured. Remarkably, it has grown in strength, emerging stronger from every challenge.

The reason why our friendship has stood the test of time is the depth of trust, goodwill and love that exists between our peoples. The people of Pakistan and the people of China rejoice in each other’s achievements and feel as one in each other’s sorrow.

Pakistan-China relationship is founded on the basis of mutual trust, respect and understanding. We enjoy broad consensus on a wide range of critical regional and international issues. We support and respect the principles and objectives of each other’s policies.

I am reminded of the contributions, past generations of our leaders have made to tend and nurture the sapling of Pakistan-China friendship that has now grown into a mighty oak.

I am confident that we will continue our efforts to enhance and reinforce friendship between our two peoples.”



not to be published, broadcast or telecast before 21st May, 2016