PR No. 169 NOT TO BE PUBLISHED, BROADCAST OR TELECAST BEFORE 21ST MAY, 2016 MESSAGE FROM H.E. SUN WEIDONG, CHINESE AMBASSADOR TO PAKISTAN (On the Occasion of 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China) Islamabad

“On the auspicious occasion of the 65th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, I would like to extend the warmest congratulations to all the Pakistanis who have contributed to and participated in the great cause of friendship!

Over the past 65 years, China-Pakistan relations have stood the tests of changes of international and domestic situations and become stronger as time goes by. The past 65 years have witnessed that China and Pakistan always treat each other as equal partners with respect and pursuing mutually-beneficial and win-win cooperation. The past 65 years have witnessed that China and Pakistan always extend sincere understanding, firm support and selfless assistance to each other, in particular on the issues of core interests. The past 65 years have also witnessed that China and Pakistan maintain close coordination and collaboration on major international and regional agendas. The multi-faceted, time-tested and long-enduring China-Pakistan relationship has become a shining example for South-South cooperation and relations between countries.


China-Pakistan relations have entered into the new stage of grand development. Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a successful state visit to Pakistan last year. During the visit, both sides agreed to uplift the relations to the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership, ushering in a new page of our bilateral relations. This relationship is featured with frequent exchange of high-level visits, enhanced strategic mutual trust, extensive and fruitful cooperation with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as the main platform, vibrant people-to-people contacts, and much closer collaboration on international and regional issues.

The achievements of China-Pakistan relations over the past 65 years are hard won and should be carried forward from generation to generation. In the days to come, we should take the consensus reached by our leaders as the guidance for our future cooperation. We should continue the momentum of all-round cooperation, among others, by promoting the CPEC projects. We should further lay a solid foundation of our friendship by strengthening people-to-people bonds. We should safeguard our common interests and realize our common dreams.

Under the fast-evolving international and regional situations, let us stand together through thick and thin, and redouble our efforts towards the realization of China-Pakistan community of shared destiny!

Chin-Pakistan dosti Zindabad!”



not to be published, broadcast or telecast before 21st May, 2016