PR No. 232 Islamabad: April 26, 2016

Finance Minister Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar chaired a meeting to review the final draft of the Budget Strategy Paper, for the period 2016-17 to 2018-19 here on Tuesday. The strategy will be presented to the Federal Cabinet for approval on 27th April, 2016.

The Minister was briefed on the broad contours of the macroeconomic framework, which formed the basis of the budget strategy for the next three years period. It was also informed that wide ranging inter departmental consultation as various discussion held during the meetings of economic fora, especially Economic Advisory Council and Monetary & Fiscal Policies Coordination Board had provided useful guidance for the preparation of the draft Strategy.

The meeting noted that all the macroeconomic indicators presented a satisfactory picture on the eve of the fourth budget of the present government.

The Minister issued instructions for making appropriate improvements in the strategy to ensure that the focus during the next three years period remains on accelerated and inclusive growth.  He stated that the PML-N manifesto should continue to be the guiding light for the budget strategy as well as the annual budgets.