PR No. 229 Islamabad: April 26, 2016

Minister of State Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman met with delegation of University of London to honor Mr. Ahmad Farooq who secured first position in first year of LLB (Hons) degree program of University of London International Programs.

Minister of State presented the certificate of academic achievemnet to Mr. Ahmed Farooq for securing highest aggregate marks in the world for the first year of the LLB (Hons) degree of University of London International Programs. I feel privileged to present this certificate to you, said the Minister.  He further added that this success is not an individual’s success but it’s a collective success of Pakistan.  We have immense talent in Pakistan; have brilliant students here who are not only making us proud nationally but globally as well.

Mr. Simson said that we have one of the best students from Pakistan and we are very proud of them all. Pakistan has a very different perception in outside world but when we visit Pakistan we see an altogether different image of Pakistan here, said Mr. Simson. He further added that they are very impressed by the motorway and road system of Pakistan, food is amazing here and Islamabad is one of the beautiful cities of the world. Dr. Mary said that they enjoyed their visit to Pakistan very much and they would like to come back here and again here.

They also talked about the education system and quality of education in Pakistan. Minister of State said that Punjab is setting up an Education city/park followed by other cities of Pakistan, and I would like to invite University of London to set up a full-fledged campus over there. He further added that University of London should use their Pakistani Alumni as a platform to arrange more scholarships for Pakistani students.

In the end, Minister of State presented token of appreciation to the delegates.

Ceremony was attended by the Federal Secretary Education Muhammad Humanyun Khan, Additional Secretary Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik, Joint Education Advisor Rafiq Tahir, Vice Chancellor University of London Mary Stiasny, Director Undergraduate Law Programs Simson Askey, and Country Head University of London Saad Wasim.