PR No. 97 Islamabad

Ministry of Climate Change supports environmental education initiatives across the country. It is a mandate that it carries forward from the various Coordinated Environmental Education Programs (CEEPs) implemented by the Government of Pakistan since the 1990s. The programs were based on a principle well stated by UNESCO: Political agreements, financial incentives and technological solutions are not enough to address the challenges of sustainable development but Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is about shaping a better tomorrow for all.

Pakistan is a signatory to the declaration on Education for Sustainable Development. Ministry of Climate Change cooperates with international and local agencies to implement environmental initiatives under the ESD. In particular, the Ministry has been working with the Pakistan Institute for Environment-Development Action Research (PIEDAR) for developing manuals and other communication materials to infuse environmental concepts and practices in primary and secondary school syllabus and disciplines. In addition to the manuals, school environmental clubs were formed and roving teachers were also trained under the initiative.

PIEDAR works with Government schools and low-fee private schools to develop locally relevant materials. It tests and refines them to promote the values, habits and best practices for sustainable development. The manuals have been tested at around 200 schools across the country. Currently, PIEDAR is working with Allama Iqbal Open University to scale up the initiative through teacher training.

At the 2016 annual function, an exhibition will be displayed by 15 partner schools of Rawalpindi and Islamabad on the best practices in the three Rs, that is reducing use, re-use and recycling, that they have implemented in the previous year. The guests at the function were also privileged to listen to environmental poems and skits prepared by junior and senior schoolchildren.  Prizes were distributed to the best entries. The year-long cooperation of school managers and staff was recognized.

The Secretary of Ministry of Climate Change Abu Akif along many other officials attended the event. Ministry of Climate Change considers such local initiatives with schoolchildren as the key stepping stones to building a resilient Pakistan in the face of climate change and other challenges. It will deepen its cooperation with such good practices going forward in consultation with other concerned Federal ministries and provincial governments.