PR No. 197 Clarification No loan taken by Finance Minister from his sons Islamabad: April 23, 2016

A spokesperson for Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar said here Saturday that most of the electronic and print media misread and wrongly reported that annual returns of assets and liabilities filed with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) show that Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar has taken loan from his sons.

The spokesman said that Mr. Ishaq Dar has not taken any loan/Qarz e Hasna rather he had given Qarz e Hasna to his sons and the same was duly declared in the annual returns filed for the year 2014 with the ECP.

The sons of Senator Ishaq Dar have paid back the entire Qarz e Hasna given to them by their father which is duly declared in the latest return filed with the ECP, the spokesman concluded.