PR No. 186 Islamabad: April 22, 2016

President Mamnoon Hussain has said that the nation should not tolerate any hurdle in the way of development projects and should fully stand by the Government to put the country on the path to progress and prosperity.

The President said this while addressing the 7th National Book Day Festival organized by National Book Foundation and National History & Literary Heritage Division at Pak-ChinaFriendshipCenter, Islamabad on Friday. Advisor to Prime Minister on National History & Literary Heritage Irfan Siddiqui, Managing Director National Book Foundation Dr. Inam-ul-Haq Javed and others also addressed the event. President Mamnoon also visited and inspected different book stalls set up on the occasion.

The President stated that in order to put the country on the path to progress and prosperity, it is imperative that the people should pay attention to national issues as nations only progress when people fully participate in the affairs of the country. President Mamnoon said transparency and integrity are key to growth of a society therefore every citizen should play role in eliminating corruption. “Efforts should be made to bring the corrupt elements to the right path but if they do not change their ways then they should be socially boycotted because the corrupt elements have eroded the foundation of the country,” remarked the President.

President Mamnoon said that those nations excel in the world which maintain a close relation with research, education and book. “Muslims have a very deep and natural connection with books, the basis of which is the Holy Quran adding that it was their relation with the Holy Quran due to which the Muslims rendered commendable services in the field of knowledge but when this relationship weakened, they got embroiled in problems,” stated the President. He said that we have to strengthen our relation with knowledge and wisdom to change the fate of the country and its citizens.

The President said that it is the responsibility of the learned to lay the basis of progress and prosperity by making our literary heritage compatible with the requirements of the modern age. He directed that our literary heritage should be transferred on the internet in order to make it accessible to the new generation and the whole world and generate passion among the new generation to earn distinction in the world of knowledge by following in the footsteps of their elders. This is the way to come out of the moral, political, knowledge and economic crises that our nation is facing today. He added that the end to the vicious cycle of violence and extremism is also possible in the same way.

The President directed to replace the name of National Book Foundation with ‘Qaumi Kitab Ghar’ and said that new books should be written to transmit our literary heritage to the new generation and literary work being done around the world should also be transferred to Pakistan.

President Mamnoon commended the services of National Book Foundation for promoting book reading culture and directed that such healthy activities should be continued in the future.