PR No. 87 Good nutrition central to rural and urban economic development say experts Islamabad

Dr. Tausif Akhtar Janjua, the Technical Director of Food Fortification Programme said, “Addressing micro-nutrient malnutrition through fortification is one of the best investments Pakistan can make in its future.” Dr. Farnaz Malik from National Institute of Health echoed Janjua saying, “We can reduce the risk of under-nutrition through micronutrient fortification.”

Stefano Gatto, Deputy Head of EU Delegation to Pakistan, highlighted the role EU was playing to “enhance maternal and child nutrition by reducing mortality, morbidity, growth and development deficiencies due to under-nutrition”

The PCSIR Chairman Dr. Shahzad Alam also stressed the importance of early life nutrition, which he termed “the most critical determinant of future life.”

“UNIDO is committed to cooperate with Pakistan for the establishment of a coordinated and coherent management system in the country to ensure safe and healthier food of quality not only for export but for domestic consumption as well,” said Esam Alqararah, UNIDO Representative in Pakistan.

Muhammad Abid Javed, Federal Secretary, Ministry of National Food Security & Research, said in the closing session that the government was playing its part to address nutrition challenges, “Safe and Nutritious food is a key element of the National Food Security Policy.”