PR No. 49 Islamabad

Meeting of Convention on International Trade Endangered of Species Management Authority was held under the c chairman ship of Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Climate Change Mr. Zahid Hamid.

The Cities Management Authority consists of following members: Federal Minister for Climate Change, Secretary ,Climate Change, secretary, forests, wildlife Department, Government of Sindh, Secretary ,Environment Department ,Government of Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa, Secretary, Forests and Wildlife Department, Government of Baluchistan, Secretary, Forests, wildlife &Fisheries Department, Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Secretary, Forests, Wildlife and Environment Department, Government of Gilgit Baltistan. There are also non official members from all provinces, Gilgit Balitistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and IslamabadCapitalTerritory.

The rules for the Pakistan Trade Control of Wild Fauna and Flora Act 2012 were circulated for review and comments. It was also decided that breeding farms of parrots and parakeets should be registered with CITIES Management Authority. Then ban on export of parrots/parakeets can be reviewed. Meanwhile ban should be continued. Previously Zoological Survey of Pakistan surveyed parrots and parakeets’ species in 2012.According to the report of Zoological Survey of Pakistan the population of Parrots and parakeets was on rapid decline. So ban on export of parrots and parakeets was imposed.

The meeting also reviewed wildlife import export fee scheduled and registration fee for wildlife traders and trophy hunting .In the last two meetings same schedule was maintained. The fee schedule has been objected by the Karachi based wildlife traders. It was decided to check the legality of changing the fee schedule.

The meeting also decided that Punjab and Sindh should coordinate the import of Big cats by the Private sector. Sindh should inform Punjab to whom NOC is granted. So they can monitor it.