PR No.64 Ahsan Iqbal Calls Upon Usa To Help Pakistan In Training Of Human Resource For Future Islamabad: April 7, 2016

Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reform Ahsan Iqbal urged that USA should support Pakistan in training of human resource to implement Vision 2025. The government is keen to benefit from the strength of top US universities to train its strategic human resource for transforming Pakistan into a Knowledge Economy. “Pakistan-USA Knowledge Corridor” can become a strong bridge between the two countries. Ahsan Iqbal stated this in a meeting with Evan Ryan, USA Assistant Secretary Education & Cultural Affairs, who called on him at Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform. Ahsan Iqbal highlighted the efforts to promote primary and higher education particularly girl education in the country and said that USA can partner positively to make these efforts a success. Ahsan Iqbal said Pak-USA Knowledge Corridor has been recognized as an important initiative in the joint statement of Pakistan and USA during Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to USA last year. “Now challenge lies in operationalizing it at the earliest”, he mentioned. Minister said that Pakistan needs 10,000 Ph.d scholars in the next ten years to cater to the growing needs of expanding faculty in higher education sector. Pak-USA Knowledge Corridor would fulfil the increased demand of Ph.ds scholars in Pakistan. Minister proposed for development of group of academicians in USA that should make Pakistan the subject of their research. He also highlighted the characteristics of joint Science Foundation to finance scholars from both sides, proposed in USA-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue. Federal Minister Planning & Development pointed out that Education, Science and Technology Group is most important group in USA-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue to take the decades-long bilateral relations beyond the security prism by cooperating in social sectors to cement the ties on sustainable basis. He said social and economic development road map of Pakistan Vision-2025 also focuses greatly on human resource development by investing education heavily in education sector. Minister highlighted the achievements of Pakistan in last two and half years and noted that country is transforming in every sphere of life. Our initiative “Brand Pakistan” is meant to recognize the changing Pakistan by engaging Pakistani Diaspora, he stated and added that Pakistani students in foreign universities can play a critical role to highlight the true image of Pakistan. USA Assistant Secretary Evan Ryan commended Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal for conceiving the idea of US-Pak Knowledge Corridor. She noted that it is an ambitious idea and would be effective to revolutionize Pakistan higher education by establishing links with USA universities. She also appreciated the efforts of Ahsan Iqbal to promote girls education. “I am really impressed the way you are championing Knowledge and Education causes in the country, US Assistant Secretary remarked. She also agreed with the proposals of Ahsan Iqbal for stronger ties between Pakistan and USA through Pakistani diaspora in USA and agreed to work closely in education sector.