PR No.55 NAB Involves civil defence in awareness campaign against corruption Islamabad: April 6, 2016

National Accountability Bureau (NAB)  Director General (Awareness & Prevention) Aliya Rashid, while delivering a lecture to the officers of Civil Defence on “Developing and Promoting Corruption Free Culture and Work Ethics in Government Organizations” on the occasion of Orientation Course organized by Directorate  General Civil Defence here on Wednesday 6th April 2016 said that corruption is one of the major challenges and it must be checked and controlled with determination and resolve at the national level, from grassroots to the top.

She analyzed the main causes of the scourge of corruption and said that it was eating the social fabric of the nation. The country would make much faster progress in all fields, if the nation was able to overcome the menace of corruption, she observed.

Aliya Rashid emphasized the role of women and youth in curbing corruption from the society. As generally believed, social greed in our country is associated with men. Infact social pressures emanating from their families for better lives lead men into financial corruption. If women are educated on the subject, it would obviously have a positive impact  in curbing and arresting this growing trend of corruption in our country. She urged the women to make their husbands proud of what they are and to appreciate their efforts for the family, she added.

She said, when wives and children demand luxury items it’s like telling a husband or father on wheel chair to run a marathon. That innocent and un-intentional act by children is often due to lack of awareness about the negative impact of such demands which their parents cannot fulfill and can greatly contribute to transform them from honest to dishonest characters. “It can lead them to a situation where they choose wrong ways and means to make their family happy but at the same time the ill-gotten wealth can cause irreparable loss to the society and make God angry.

She added that Pakistan is the leading country to adopt “ Say No to corruption” logo on utility bills, driving licenses, ID cards, ATMs, routine government correspondence and public sector print advertisements and is also the first country to introduce a postal stamp bearing this logo,. The message is also displayed in all cinema halls, she adde

Earlier on the occasion DG Civil Defence AVM (R) Ijaz Malik explained transparent, Fair and on Merit Induction Process through which the new employees were recruited in Civil Defence under Merit Policy of Ministry of Interior.