PR No.37 Islamabad: April 5, 2016

President Mamnoon Hussain has said that Pakistan’s future is linked with democracy and dictatorships have always added to the problems and led the country astray.

The President said this in a meeting with a delegation of the Young Parliamentarian Forum which called on him at the Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad on Tuesday. The delegation was led by the President of the Forum Mian Alam Dad Laleka and General Secretary Ms. Shaza Fatima Khawaja.

The President advised the young parliamentarians to gain experience in parliamentary affairs and play an active role in the parliamentary proceedings as the country’s future lies in the hands of the youth. President Mamnoon Hussain said that Pakistan is a great country but the unscrupulous elements promoted corruption and bad governance causing despair in the youth, which was exploited by vested groups to lead the country in the wrong direction.

The President said eliminating corruption is essential to rid the country of its problems and called upon the young generation to wage jihad against this menace to rid the country of quagmire of problems. The President asked the people for accountability of the corrupt and urged the young parliamentarians to play their role in this regard.

President Mamnoon Hussain appreciated the performance of the government and termed its economic policies as being in the right direction. The President said that as a result of prudent policies, the budget deficit has been reduced to 4.4% from the higher figure of 8% and these achievements have been acknowledged by international financial institutions also.

The President said that responsible conduct, spirit of public service and the sense of accountability before God should be pursued by the young parliamentarians to promote public service and good governance.