PR No.30 ECC Meeting Islamabad: April 4, 2016

A delegation of National Management College called on the Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar here on Tuesday. The delegation included Rector NSPP, Ismail Qureshi, members of NMC faculty and Participants of the 104th National Management Course.

Speaking on the occasion, the Finance Minister said the government having successfully attained macro-economic economic stability and re-engagement of international financing institutions was now firmly pursuing the goal of economic growth and employment generation.

The Minister said apart from due focus on economy, the government had also paid full attention to development of energy sector to alleviate the problem of energy shortage in the country. It has given due focus also on anti-terrorism operation to ensure a peaceful and secure environment which is key to ensure economic progress.

Ishaq Dar also mentioned about government’s efforts for strengthening the social security network. He said all the macro-economic indicators were positive, forex reserves stood at over 20 billion dollars, inflation rate was under 3%, there was 18% growth in revenue generation during the current fiscal year and it was all set to achieve the revenue target set for 2015-16. He said the government was determined to achieve 6 to 7 percent growth rate within its tenure.

The Minister on this occasion also stated that the government had made payments for the US$500 million Eurobond which was actually issued in 2006 in Musharraf era. Country’s external debt thus also stands reduced by US $ 500 million Eurobond. He also briefly touched upon country’s debt profile and said some vested interests were maligning public opinion against the government by portraying a fabricated picture of the debt situation.

The Minister wished all the participants success in the training course and said they had an important role to play in the country’s economic development and social uplift.

Earlier, Special Secretary Finance, Dr. Shujaat, Economic Advisor S. Ejaz Wasti and Director General, Economic Reforms Unit, Dr. Khaqan Hasan Najeeb gave presentations to the visiting delegation about the working of the Ministry of Finance and budget making process.

Senior officials of the Finance Division also attended the meeting.