Mr. Mamnoon Hussain

President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Address to the     

“Joint Services Parade on Pakistan Day”

(Islamabad: March 23, 2017)




I felicitate you all on the auspicious occasion of Pakistan Day!

This day serves to remind us of the resolve that transformed to a belief and gave strength to the Muslims of the subcontinent under the sagacious leadership of Quaid-i-Azam for the democratic struggle that changed the history and geography of the world. A nation with a vivid ideological identity now has permanent imprints in the comity of nations.

Today we pay tributes to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the creation and stability of Pakistan. We reiterate the resolve that following in their footsteps we will never waver from rendering any sacrifice for the progress, prosperity and integrity of the motherland. The courage and determination on the faces of our brave soldiers in the Parade Ground and their shining weapons manifest this resolve.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen!

By the Grace of Allah Almighty today Pakistan’s defence is strong and impregnable. The purpose of our conventional and atomic prowess is to ensure regional and international peace. That is the reason we desire peace and friendship with the whole world particularly our neighbours. However, irresponsible behavior of India and incidents of persistent violations at the Line of Control and Working Boundary put the regional peace at stake.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are ready for dialogue with India and desire that Kashmir, an unfinished agenda of partition of the subcontinent, should be resolved in accordance with the resolutions of United Nations. For this reason, Pakistan will always continue extending moral, diplomatic and political support to its Kashmiri brethren. We also urge the international community to fulfil its obligations in this regard so that the dream of durable peace and regional security is realized.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Pakistan is fighting terrorism for the last many years. Our Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies have acted with courage in this war. It is because of the sacrifices of our martyrs that Pakistan today is safer than before. Let me make it clear that after operation Zarb-e-Azb, actions against the remaining terrorists under operation Radd-ul-Fasaad will continue till their elimination and by the Grace of Allah Almighty the scourge of terrorism will be crushed forever. It is a matter of satisfaction that the resolve with which Pakistani nation supported the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies against terrorism has uprooted the foundation of extremist narrative.

My Dear Countrymen!

I am glad that our economy is stable and Pakistan is emerging as a strong economic power in the region. We enjoy full support of our friends and brotherly countries in this journey towards progress in which the sincere role of China is of great significance. The partnership of both countries in the landmark project of Economic Corridor has opened the door to progress and prosperity of the whole region.

I am glad that a contingent of People’s Liberation Army of China is participating in the parade today which is historic as Chinese army never participated in another parade before. There is also representation here from South Africa besides military contingent of Saudi Arabia, whereas, the melodious tunes of Turkish Military Band has made this day memorable for which we are thankful to all these friends and declare that they would always have our cooperation for lofty goals of peace, progress and prosperity.

Ladies & Gentlemen and My Brave Soldiers!

I congratulate the commander, participants, local administration and CDA on excellent organization of the Parade. We are proud of our agile officers and soldiers, high military standard, excellent discipline and modern combat weaponry. I ask them to continue protecting the country and nation with the same zeal and passion so that the green crescent flag of a strong, powerful and democratic Pakistan remains hoisted high forever.

My prayers are with you.

May Allah protect us all! Ameen!

Long Live Pakistan!