PR No.233 Islamabad: March 25, 2016

Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan will inaugurate NADRA Service Center Rawalpindi next week. The Mega Centre being inaugurated would offer all NADRA services including identity cards, child registration certificates, family registration certificates and aims at offering minimal wait time to the applicants.

Giving details of the NADRA Service Centre, Spokesperson said that the distinguishing feature of this center is efficient workflow. He said that in traditional NADRA centers, applicants have to go to different desks for completing the application procedure which includes getting token, fingerprinting, photograph and data entry and the applicants have to wait during each of these steps. In this new center, all these steps would be completed in one go. All the desks in this new center would be equipped with all necessary facilities including cameras and fingerprint acquisition equipment so that the entire procedure is completed on a single desk.

He said that the new center would also have an executive passport office where citizens can apply for passport services. The passport office is manned by staff provided by NADRA and an officer from Immigration and Passports. The NADRA side of this mega center would be having a seating capacity of 85 persons in waiting while the passports side has the capacity of 96 people. Initially the Centre would operate during normal office hours however the timings of the Centre would be extended later on.

Spokesperson said that 06 NADRA Mega Centres and 15 Executive Passport Offices in various cities of the country are being set up on the directives of the Interior Minister who took notice of long queues and other issues faced by applicants in NADRA and passport offices. The workflow in these centres is designed in a such a manner as to ensure efficiency and save time of the applicants.