PR No.213 PM Meets Cancer Patient To Fulfill His Wish Islamabad

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif met cancer patient Mr. Anwarullah Khan Afridi, an intermediate student at Army Public School Karachi, to fulfill his most cherished wish to meet the Prime Minister.

Warmly meeting with Mr. Anwarullah Khan Afridi, the Prime Minister inquired about his health and spent some cheerful moments filled with motivation and appreciation. The Prime Minister asked Mr. Anwarullah about his family and hobbies.

Mr. Anwarullah replied with excitement at meeting the Prime Minister and said that his wish came true after meeting the Prime Minister. Anwarullah also shared his feelings with the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said to Anwarullah Afridi, while praying for his recovery and good health, that he was a source of inspiration and courage for all of us. The Prime Minister directed for immediate compliance of Anwarullah’s desire of meeting with CM Punjab Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. The Prime Minister prayed to Almighty Allah for his early recovery and encouraged Anwarullah to stand brave and courageous as God helps those who help themselves. You will defeat the disease, The Prime Minister said to Anwarullah.

Anwarullah shared his experience of foreign visit with the Prime Minister particularly his meeting with Malala. The Prime Minister also asked about his studies.

The Prime Minister said that granting wishes of such children change their lives a great deal. Make a Wish work compels us to exceed the expectations of every wish kid and drives us to ensure that our attention has a far reaching impact, the Prime Minister said. For wish kids, just the act of making their wish come true can give them the courage and strength for fight against the disease as well as remaining optimistic, the Prime Minister stated after meeting Mr. Anwarullah Afridi.