PR No.212 Pak Women Reaches Out To Assist Physically Challenged Sri Lankans Islamabad

A delegation of Pakistan Women’s Association of Sri Lanka (PWA) visited the oldest charitable organization of Sri Lanka to extend support for the physically disabled Sri Lankans today, says a press release received here today from New York.

The PWA outreach project was aimed to assist the physically challenged individuals with provision of prosthetic, orthotic and orthopedic appliances to overcome their disabilities. The project will be implemented through the Friend-in-Need Society.

The President of PWA Mrs. Syeda Asghari Shakeel presented a cheque of 0.15 Million to the President of the Friend-in-Need society, Mr Nihal Abesekera to contribute in the endeavors of the society for physical, economic and social rehabilitation of the disabled.

While speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Syed Asghari Shakeel said that the Colombo Friend-in-Need Society has been rendering remarkable services for the rehabilitation of the deserving physically disabled people by enabling them to regain their mobility and dignity and to become self-respecting and productive members of society.

Mrs. Shakeel urged the local as well as international community to extend support to the society for the humanitarian assistance of the disabled people.

On the occasion, the management of the society briefed the PWA delegation about the activities which are being carried out by the society. Dr. J.K.S. Weerasekera informed Mrs. Shakeel that in October this year the Society will organize a sports event among the amputees and invited her to attend the event which she accepted.

The Colombo Friend-in-Need Society was established in 1831 under the Patronage of the then Governor Sir Edward Barnes. For the past 183 years, the Society is engaged in providing humanitarian assistance to the disabled and the needy in Sri Lanka. It also runs a prosthetic/orthotic Workshop in central Colombo, where disabled persons come in to get custom-fitted artificial limbs.

During the massive earthquake in Pakistan in 2005, the Colombo Friend-in-Need Society in collaboration with the UK Rehab Trust International set up a prosthetic center in Abbotabad to fabricate and deliver artificial limbs to those affected by the earthquake.