PR No.202 Islamabad

Minister of Federal Education and Professional Training Egr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman attended the launching ceremony of Pakistan Education Statistics by AEPAM report -‘2014-2015.

Minister of State said that our government is very keen to reach the peak of excellence in education and therefore working on the improvement of quality of education. And its not possible to improve the quality of education without having the quality data. it is very important to properly disseminate educational data to different stakeholders, and Pakistan Education Statistics is providing such an avenue to the educationists and policy makers, said the minister. Time series data provided in the report will be useful in determining the progress in education sector within the country over the period of time. This report is quite useful for the researchers, planners, and policy makers.

Realizing the importance of quality data, a task was given to NEMIS (National Education Management Information Systems) to publish its data within shortest possible time, stated the minister. They took it seriously and now reports like Pakistan Education Statistics are getting published on time. I am also hoping that next report i.e. 2015-2016 will be published at the end of this year.

It is our responsibility to not only provide compulsory education (5-16 yrs) but quality education to each and every child of the country. we are committed to build a highly accessible and equitable education system.

In the end, Minister of State congratulated Director General AEPAM Muhammad Khan Khichi and his team for processing data and producing this document. We wish to see this report as another milestone on the way to quality education, said the Minister.