PR No.195 Islamabad

The global head of Acumen Fund, Ms. Jacqueline Novogratz, paid a visit to Ms. Maryam Nawaz at the Prime Minister House this afternoon. Ms. Novogratz deeply appreciated Ms. Nawaz’s commitment and dedication to the disenfranchised in Pakistan. She paid a special tribute to Ms. Nawaz for her leadership role in the health, education and youth employment programs.

Maryam Nawaz appreciated Ms. Novogratz for Acumen Fund’s investments in Pakistan for the promotion of entrepreneurship. Ms. Nawaz highlighted that the current government is tirelessly committed to the social uplift of the poor. “The future of Pakistan is grounded in the quality of human capital. Health and education are the cornerstones of this transformation. Government will ensure an equality of opportunity for our children, especially those left behind”, Maryam Nawaz stated.

Ms. Nawaz highlighted that the social sector programs will not only uplift the quality of life in Pakistan, but will also afford a platform for new business creation and social sector innovations. Ms. Novogratz reiterated her commitment to Pakistan and volunteered to bring creative ideas and investment in Pakistan’s social sectors.