PR No.223 outgoing ambassador of argentina h.e. Rodolfo j martin saravia calls on mrs. Anusha rahman Islamabad: March 25, 2016

Outgoing Ambassador of Argentina H.E. Rodolfo J Martin Saravia made a farewell call on the Minister of State for Information Technology Mrs. Anusha Rahman here in Islamabad today. Member (Telecom) Mr. Mudassar Hussain was also present in the meeting.

Mr. Rodolfo J Martin Saravia greatly admired the minister’s role and constant efforts to bring phenomenal development in IT & Telecom sector of Pakistan. These achievements were not only acknowledged by local stakeholders but also recognized globally. He especially appreciated the Minister for her efforts to provide connectivity and telecom facilities to the people of rural areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan and appreciated for provisioning of enabling environment for marginalized segments of the society.

Anusha Rehman extended her gratitude and felicitations to the Ambassador of Argentina on completion of 12 proactive and productive years of his stay in Pakistan and appreciated his contributions in strengthening and further augmenting the bilateral ties between Argentina and Pakistan especially in arena of IT & Telecom. Minister recognising his role as Dean of Diplomatic core complimented Mr. Rodolfo in setting new standards.

Mr. Rodolfo J Martin Saravia appreciated the business and investment friendly policies of the present government which put the country on right path by turning around its economy. The telecom sector has proven to be a big contributor to the economic development.
Anusha Rehman said that local manufacturing of mobile handsets was a major objective which turns into reality now. Due to our business friendly policies, Haier & G5 are starting local manufacturing of mobile handsets and many other companies are taking keen interest to invest in such endeavors. It’s our vision to transform Pakistan into a modern and developed state that’s why we are focusing on the vision of Digital Pakistan and “accelerated digitization” Minister added.
The Minister while sharing the tremendous uptake of 3G/ 4G services said that within short span of time the number of 3G subscribers habe crossed 26million and increasing everyday and broadband penetration also crossed 15% which was below 3% when we took over the responsibilities almost 3 years ago.

Anusha Rehman lauded the services and contributions made by the outgoing Ambassador of Argentina and wished him a successful life ahead.